Zoomer Playful Pup Robotic Toy

Zoomer Playful Puppy Review

By playing with toys, children develop who they are – playing is a way for the little ones to not only learn about themselves, but also about the world. Through play, they learn to sort out conflicts, get along with others, practice language skills, and develop motor skills. In addition to this, it encourages creativity, self-esteem, independence, and of course, gets that energy out of their system. While we may view it as simply “playing with toys,” for children, it is so much more – it even functions as a great stress reliever.

If you have ever been to a toy store (if you have children, I’m sure you have), then you got the chance to see so many different toys that your little one just couldn’t wait to put in his/her toy box. Sometime this year, there’s a new toy that we’re sure your little one is going to want and it’s called the Zoomer Playful Puppy …and trust me, Zoomer is certainly a playful puppy that is going to keep your little one entertained for quite some time.

Zoomer Playful Pup Responsive Pup

Zoomer Playful Puppy

Zoomer Playful Puppy has a hundred different sounds and movements that he does. What I really like about this toy is how he responds to your voice. You can actually train him to do all sorts of different tricks. When you say “roll over,” he will roll over on his back. While he’s on his back, go ahead and give him a nice scratch on his tummy. There’s little sensors on his belly, so he’ll respond when you rub his tummy.

Do you know how normal dogs respond to popular phrases like “who’s a good boy?” Well, this Zoomer playful puppy also does that. For example, when you say “who’s a good boy?” to this playful puppy, he starts jumping around like an actual dog would do. He gets super excited, there’s no doubt about that one.

Name Him

Now this one is something you’re really going to like and is one of my personal favorite features …you can give him a name and he will remember it. Once you name him, you will unlock even more tricks that he’ll do. In the past, I don’t recall ever being able to actually name a toy – I remember them coming in a box already named, but that’s about it. So, being able to give the playful puppy its own name that you came up with is a pretty cool feature.


Zoomer Playful Puppy shows me that toys are definitely evolving and this is a good thing – I just wish they had this type of stuff when we were kids. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t buy it for your own kids! I highly recommend this if you have little ones because who doesn’t love a playful puppy around the house?

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