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Make a Magical Butterfly Fairy Wand

Ever dreamed of becoming a princess with the help of a fairy? Or do you want to fulfill your dreams of becoming a fairy? Do you have a fairy costume but still need a fairy wand to complete it? If so, this is the perfect craft for you. We will be making a magical fairy wand out of sponge paper. Let the magic begin!

Step 1: 

Fairy WandPrepare all the materials from the list below:


  • Green, pink and violet sponge paper
  • Purple pipe cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Concrete glue
  • Chopstick or any wooden stick you have
  • hot glue
Step 2: 

Fairy Wand 2Cut several pieces of green strips. The thickness of each strip would be based on your liking.



Step 3:

Fairy Wand 4Tightly roll three small circles from the green strip and one slightly bigger circle. The three rolls would be the body and the slightly bigger one is the head.


Step 4:

Fairy Wand 4Concrete glue all the four rolls side-by-side, with the slightly bigger roll on the other end of it.



Step 5:

Fairy Wand 5Cut two strips of purple sponge paper.


Step 6:

Fairy Wand 6Tightly roll the end twice, then make a big loop after.



Step 7:

Fairy Wand 7Concrete glue the big loop and the small tightly rolled side.



Step 8:

After securing the first big loop, make another bigger loop over the big loop made in step 6. Concrete glue this, then make another piece of this. This will be the lower part of the wing.



Step 9:

Fairy Wand 9Cut two strips of pink sponge paper.





Step 10:

Fairy Wand 10Do the same steps from the purple loops of the lower wing, but this time, for this pink strip, make a bigger loop since this will be the upper wing. Create a pair of this and secure the loops using concrete glue.




Step 11:

Fairy Wand 11Stick the lower and the upper wing.





Step 12:

Fairy Wand 12Fix the wings on both sides of the body of your fairy wand.





Step 13:

Fairy Wand 13Get your purple pipe cleaner and cut two pieces of at least 3-inch antenna. Slightly loop one end of each.





Step 14:

Fairy Wand 14Stick both antennas on the head of the butterfly fairy wand.





Step 15:

fairy Wand 15Hot glue the chopstick on the bottom end of the body.





Step 16:

Fairy Wand 16Tada! You are now done with your magical wand!





Your fairy costume is now complete! You can now perform magical spells using your magical butterfly fairy wand. Share this with your playmates and enjoy making this with your friends! Just remember to ask some guidance from your parents in making this.

Have fun!

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