furReal Munchin’ Rex

FurReal Munchin’ Rex Review

If you have children, then chances are you’re familiar with the ever so popular brand called “FurReal Friends.” Honestly, every time I look at them, I find myself saying “why couldn’t they have toys like that when I was younger?” They may not have had toys like that when we were younger, but today, we have the pleasure of buying these toys for our children and grandchildren. Along with all of the cute looking toys like kitty cats, bunny rabbits and puppy dogs, we now have FurReal Munchin’ Rex. Never before has it been thought that something like a rex would look adorable, but FurReal Friends have made it happen.  So, is this Munchin’ Rex something your children will be interested in?  Let’s continue this Munchin Rex review and find out.


FurReal Munchin' Rex

What are FurReal Friends?

Before I move forward and tell you about the cute little rex, I would like to give you an insight to the company that made him. FurReal Friends is a toy division of Hasbro, Dreamright Toys and Tiger Electronics – the FurReal Friends started popping up around 2002. They are basically robotic toys that range from cats to dinosaurs and are available in a variety of sizes. While some of the toys can easily be held in a child’s hands, there are others that the child can ride. The price of these toys range from $6 to $300 and they all move in some way. The companies slogan is “My best friends are FurReal Friends.”

If your child is looking for a best friend that is a “FurReal Friend,” then he/she may be interested in Munchin’ Rex.

What Does He Eat?

I’m sure you are curious as to what Munchin’ Rex likes to munch on.  This little guy comes with his own stick of broccoli and a piece of meat. It’s plastic of course, but it’s okay to pretend (it teaches children to take their imagination and run with it). He also comes with his own little toy bottle, because you know, little baby dinosaurs have to have their milk so that they can develop strong bones too.

What is  really cool about Munchin’ Rex is that he is able to tell the difference between his treats and his bottle.

He has over 35 sound and motion combinations, which makes it even more unique. The sensors are located on his head and on his mouth. When kids wave at him or feed him his treats, baby dino responds with 35+ sound-and-motion combinations

FurReal Munchkin Rex


All in all, I believe this little guy is something that children of varying ages will enjoy. While I could see it being a toy that was made for boys, I’m sure girls would love him too.



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