Barbie Ambulance and Hospital Playset

​Barbie Ambulance and Hospital Playset Review

Barbie Ambulance and Hospital PlaysetDoes your child want  to become a medical doctor when they grow up?   In that case they might like the Barbie Ambulance and Hospital Playset.     This care clinic toy is for children over the age of 3 years and it is both an ambulance and a healthcare clinic.

Save Lives with Barbie

This Barbie ambulance and hospital playset  is quite light, it weighs just 5.5 pounds, and it allows your child to easily carry it about and have fun with it anywhere and anytime. It also comes with three major compartments, a check-in station, waiting room and exam room.  The first one is the check-in area and waiting room where people wait to receive treatment.  It has  a receptionist’s desk and a gift shop, and fish tank. The second area is the examination room with an x-ray chart which also serves as a vision chart. Still, in the examination room, you will find a rolling bed that looks like a real life one and can be adjusted to the flat position and the seating positions.



Join Barbie in the Rescue Mission

Here is a brilliant way to teach your child the medical roleplay, you have all the necessary equipment ready, except that you will need to purchase some Barbie characters.  For example, you can buy several Barbie characters, dress them up and place them in strategic positions, for example, a doctor and a patient in the waiting room, etc. to create a better imagination for your child.

What’s In The Box

Patient bed

Doctor’s bag

Blood pressure cuff                                                  Barbie Ambulance and Hospital Playset


2 casts & a pair of crutches

20+ accessory pieces


Barbie Ambulance and Hospital Playset serves both as a hospital and an ambulance at the same time, it has three sections you would ordinarily find in a regular hospital, a waiting room, x-ray room, and a gift shop. No Barbie dolls are included.

Note also that this product runs on 3 AAA batteries and are included.

Click Here for the Barbie Ambulance and Hospital Playset

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