Fairy wand

Make a Magical Butterfly Fairy Wand

Ever dreamed of becoming a princess with the help of a fairy? Or do you want to fulfill your dreams of becoming a fairy? Do you have a fairy costume but still need a fairy wand to complete it? If so, this is the perfect craft for you. We will be making a magical fairy […]

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Rescue Runts II Plush Pet You Can Adopt & Rescue, Husky

Rescue Runts

If you have a child who has a love for stray animals, there’s a new toy that has come out that they may be interested in and it goes by the name of “Rescue Runts.” What are Rescue Runts? Basically, Rescue Runts can fulfill your child’s desire for taking care of stray animals. They are […]

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LEGO BrickHeadz Go Brick Me 41597 Building Kit (708 Piece)

LEGO BrickHeadz Go Brick Me 41597 Building Kit (708 Piece) Review

The line of BrickHeadz is growing and the latest is called “Go Brick Me.” This one is a tad bit different from the others in the line and even for those of you who don’t like the figures, this one  might be interesting to you for a variety of reasons. What is Lego Brick Headz […]

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Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Chewy

Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Review

As a child, do you remember what your favorite toy was? It doesn’t matter whether it was an old stuffed bear that you dragged around with you everywhere, a toy doll, or an action figure – that was your favorite toy and it was something that you loved more than anything else you had in […]

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Alex DIY Color Me Sqooshies

Alex Toys Color Me Sqooshies Review

With this set, you will be able to paint your own set of sqooshy friends. You have a cute little squishy popsickle, cupcake and a unicorn donut (yes, I just said unicorn donut, weird, I know). Each one of these is made of a soft material that is mesmerizing. It’s relaxing and simply to squish. […]

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Hexbug Vex Catapault

HEXBUG VEX Catapult Review

Hexbug was originally inspired by BEAM robotic, which is why you find many elements of it in the toys. They were originally released in the United States through Radio Shack, but today, you can find that it is sold in most major retail stores. The original was based on 6-legged arthropods, but now, today, you […]

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Think and Learn Rocktopus

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rocktopus Review

Fisher-Price has always had some of the most fun toys for babies and toddlers, and Think and Learn Rocktopus is no different. It’s beautiful with its multi-colors and it’s both education and exciting. This is a musical toy that has 15 instruments included with five different styles of music and three different ways that your […]

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Melissa and Doug Vet Play Set2

Review the Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Vet Play Pet Set

Melissa and Doug toys have fast become one of the best brands for parents who like to buy their kids toys that teach a variety of things – from counting to reading, or in this case, nurturing. The Melissa and Doug Examine and Treat Vet Play Pet Set is a great bundle of toys and […]

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Science Experiment Kit

Sensors Alive: Bring Physics to Life Science Experiment Kit

  Here is a chance to learn the basics of physics and actually make practical experiments.  Sensors Alive: Bring Physics to Life is a Stem Experiment Kit from Thames and Kosmos. It comes with three different robots that can be used to collect temperature, light, and sound measurements that you can use to create endless […]

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Lego Duplo Cargo Boat

Lego Duplo Cargo Train Review

Explore the creativity of your children today by buying them a Lego Duplo Cargo Train.  Just as it is in many popular Lego figures, you get to build up structures with Lego pieces and come up with awesome structures and creations. The beauty and uniqueness of this product, however, is that it adds several other […]

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